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Port of Prague: An Overview

Cruise Critic. Moody, romantic, historic, mysterious: Think Franz Kafka, baroque music, medieval and Renaissance buildings, opera, small avant-garde theaters, marionettes, and the Velvet Revolution. All of these (and more) make the capital of the Czech Republic a must-do on a European river cruise. Read Article.  

Studying Art for Spring Break

The Miami Herald. “San Miguel, in the mountains four hours northwest of Mexico City, developed as a provincial art city in the 1920s with the establishment of the Art Institute, a huge castle-like building behind the walls across from our guesthouse. Now there are many art schools, photography workshops, galleries, museums, concert venues, and a…

Beyoglu: A Soho in the Heart of Istanbul

“Stay in Beyoglu,” advised my Turkish friend Haldun when I was planning a trip to Istanbul, his hometown. The historic district quiets down at night. In Beyoglu you’ll be in the midst of restaurants, cafes, and shops.” Read Article.